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August 16, 2017 Tags: Firm News, In Depth

Favorite Food: Jill’s Beef Broccoli Bake and Jessi’s Chicken Enchiladas

Favorite Movie: It’s a tie between Second Hand Lions and Mystery, Alaska

Favorite Book: Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising

Favorite Travel Destination:  Montana

Why Dallas?:  A twist of luck and fate.  When looking for law schools Dallas was centrally located between Arizona and North Carolina (I was not going to either coast).  My wife used to work for Southwest Airlines when we lived in Phoenix, so we came to Dallas as it was familiar, she could get a job at Southwest, and it had a good law school that was crazy enough to let me in.

Greatest Accomplishment: I have had the great privilege and honor to have been in a position with law enforcement agencies to literally save lives and make a significant impact on others’ lives and safety.  As important as those experiences were, my best accomplishment was convincing my wife to marry me and having the joy of trying to match her love and support over 40 + years of marriage, raising two daughters, and enjoying our three grandchildren.  I haven’t matched it yet, but I keep trying.

Little Known Fact About You: I was the point guard for the 1982 International Police Olympics basketball team representing Arizona in this international competition.  The Olympics were held at the UT campus in Austin, Texas – my first exposure to Texas – and my favorite competition was with the Australian constables from the City of Auckland.  We won, and I have the hat and badge to prove it!

Hobbies/Interests: I like to hit golf balls around a golf course (generously described as “playing” golf), word-working and pretending to be a hobby farmer.

Pets?:  Two dogs, six cats, three ducks, one goose and two pygmy goats.  All are rescues and we are happy to have them all.

What makes Brown Fox Unique?:  I would simply describe this firm as “Talent with a Heart”.  Brown Fox has the experience, education and talent of any “tall building” law firm in town, but with Brown Fox you get the character and personalization of a small, friendly firm.  We truly care about our clients as people; we will provide the highest level of legal representation we can; and, we’ll go to the mat for our clients because we care, not because we are paid to do so.  In our profession, that sets us apart.

Why did you become a lawyer [or go into the legal field]?:  For my entire adult life I have been in some form of public service.  Starting with my law enforcement years, I’m most comfortable helping people who need assistance.  I like being the person you go to in order to solve a problem or deal with an issue you have.  Being a lawyer is fulfilling in that regard, although I do miss having the ability to draw the gun and I just now appreciate the virtue of a no-knock search warrant as I deal with discovery battles in civil suits.  Ah, the good ole days.

Summarize Your Practice in One Sentence: I solve problems; you come to me with a goal and I find the best legal path to achieve what you want to achieve and I’ll use all legal and ethical tools at my disposal to accomplish it.


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